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Julius Owen graduated from the University of Massachusetts. In 1971 joined the American Basketball Association (ABA), Owen to help the ABA alliance to become a regular alliance. When the 1976 ABA and NBA merger period, Owen is the ABA league's most famous star. Owen has won three championships, four times MVP, in the ABA Virginia team, the New York Nets and the NBA Philadelphia 76ers, he took the season scoring. He is the history of professional basketball career scoring history, No. 5, received a total of 30026 points (ABA + NBA). His most famous is in the dunk contest using the free throw line dunk, and he is also the only one in the ABA and the NBA have won the MVP player.

Marley's career, the Suns most, as early as the end of February 1988, the sun will be one of a knife's character Larry Nance sent to the Cleveland Cavaliers, in exchange for Kevin Johnson, the first three players, and 88 Year first-round draft pick, 88 years and 89 years of the second round draft pick, of which the first round of the 88-year mark will be used in Dan Maer Li who. Since joining the Suns, Marley and Kevin Johnson have rapidly grown into a lethal combination, helping the Suns to climb in the early '90s and even to create a team-best 62-20 record in the 92-93 season. The finals, Charles Barkley, Dan Marelli, Kevin Johnson is the Phoenix Trident, Marley played the role of charge forward.