• Player strength list 6-10: Davis Harden out of the top five

The United States the authority of the media launched a large number of active NBA players. This ranking refers to the opinion of the season-ahead expert group, and the performance of each player in the new season to predict, including the performance of the players in the field of qualitative and quantitative assessment of the quality and quantity, and finally come to a value. Today announced the first 6 to 10 players.



6. Anthony - Davis (pelican)

Last year's ranking: 2

Last season should be thick eyebrow years before the start of the season, he is the regular season MVP popular, at least many industry experts are very optimistic about him. But his performance last season and did not meet expectations, but also because of injury in advance reimbursement. In fact, Davis's injury is only part of the pelican injury wave. In the end, Davis's contract amount was $ 25 million less than the requirements of the Roth Clause.


7, Chris Paul (Clippers)

Last year's ranking: 6

Each season, we are waiting to see Paul as the age of the state of decline. Last November, he suffered groin injury, start slow. However, when the Clippers starting power forward Griffin injury, Paul's state began to rise. Although the Clippers last season, the way people feel disappointed, but the main reason is injury. The first round of the first four games of the playoffs, Paul unfortunately hand fractures, the Clippers lost to the Portland Trail Blazers 2-4.


8, James - Harden (Rocket)

Last year's ranking: 5

Over the past two seasons, Harden is actually the Rockets point guard, his ball more than any one of the league shooting guard (last season, Harden averaged 6.3 minutes). Therefore, the Rockets decided this season simply let Harden served as full-time point guard.


9, Paul - George (Walker)

Last year's ranking: 26

The 2015-16 season, the injury of George full blood return, and played an outbreak of the season. Especially in the first round of the playoffs and the Raptors' series, George laid his position as one of the most comprehensive flanks in the East. Throughout the league, to create their own offensive and defend the other side of the threat of offensive wing is not much, in addition to George, the Cowai - Leonard and Jimmy - Butler are also this type of flank.


10, Damian - Lillard (Portland)

Last year's ranking: 15


Last summer, Aldridge left to let Lillard become the pioneers of the signs of the star, his leadership to help the young pioneer achieved more than expected results. Eventually, Lillard received a return, and selected the best players two. At the same time, this allows Lillard to comply with the "Rose terms", and makes his maximum salary contract from 127 million US dollars into 140 million US dollars.