• Beverley comeback Harden offer three pairs

The Rockets (7-5) return to the top eight in the West. James - Harden played three pairs, contributed 26 points, 14 assists and 12 rebounds, he also has 3 steals. Patrick - Beverly back, scored 11 points and three assists, Trevor - Ariza 16 points and seven rebounds, Clint - Capella 15 points and seven rebounds, Ryan - Anderson 13 points. Off the bench Eric - Gordon 16 points.


Trail Blazers (7-6) two-game losing streak. CJ - Mike Colm had 26 points, Damien - Li Lade 17 of 17 shots, had 18 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists, Maurice - Harcourt 19 points.
Rocket back to back operations, lost to the Thunder yesterday. The final section of the referee penalty against the rocket several times, so that they lose very unconvinced.

The face of the Trail Blazers, the Rockets encounter the league's most able to score one of the players, how to limit Li Lade is their number one task. Rocket today is very successful, in the second half force, throw off opponents in one fell swoop.

Beverly back today, but also to make rocket use its capability. Because the summer injury, this is Beverley for the first time this season. After his return, and Harden formed the backcourt, Gordon and Brewer can play off the bench, the depth of the rocket to strengthen.

Harden continued as a point guard, scoring assists correct. The middle of the first section, he assists Anderson hit three points, then he caused a foul from beyond the arc, three free throws in three. Lillard also to a mind after three minutes, Harden also long shot succeeded, and then steals the success of layup in the fast break, the Rockets to 23-17 lead. Substitute after playing, the rocket still continues to expand the advantage, after the first section to 41-29 lead.

Portland in the second quarter to fight back. This section there are 4 minutes and 43 seconds, Anderson hit three points, the Rockets also to 55-46 lead, but also to one-third of Hakelaisi, Lillard and Mike Colon subsequently have succeeded, quickly narrowing the gap . The last 1 minute 33 seconds, the Rockets failed to score, the Portland Trail Blazers again hit by the third, with 7 points, the first half of the two teams into a 62-62 battle.

Harden crazy shot in the third quarter, but the hit rate is not high, and good teammates to force, the rocket began to expand the advantage. Shortly after the start of this section, Trevor Ariza hit two consecutive three-pointers, Capello after layup, the rocket to 79-70 lead. Trail Blazers narrowed the gap to 7 points, the Capella and Harden alley-oop dunk, which has become almost every shot of the rocket will appear. Brewer also performed well, this section there are 3 minutes 03 seconds, he broke through the backhand layup, the rocket to 94-78 lead. In this section the Rockets to 38-21 victory over the first three quarters to 100-83 lead.

Beverley fourth quarter led his unit to the field, he not only assists his teammates, he also frequently succeeded, the rocket to 107-75 opened the gap. Harden, who returned to the field, the Rockets continue to maintain a big lead. The two sides quickly removed the main force, the outcome of loss of suspense.