• The Heat announced that they will retire O'Neal32 No. jersey at the Lakers game​

Miami Heat officially announced that they will be December 23 this year against the Los Angeles Lakers game O'Neill's No. 32 jersey retired.

Heat team selected in the game against the Lakers O'Neal 's jersey clearly has a special significance, O'Neill won a total of four career NBA championship, three in the Lakers, the fourth in the Heat. As early as 2013, the Lakers retired Shaquille O'Neal's No. 34 jersey.

O'Neal was traded to the Heat in the summer of 2004, and in 2006, he and Wade helped Miami win the team's first NBA championship.

Today, the Heat officially announced the retirement of O'Neill's No. 32 jersey, which will also be the Miami Heat's fourth number. The first three retired numbers, only two players have played for the Miami Heat, they are Tim - Hardaway (10) and Alonzo - Mourning (33).

The other number is Michael Jordan's No. 23. 2002-03 season Jordan in Miami's last game, Pat Riley retired Jordan's iconic No. 23 jersey, the purpose is to pay tribute to Michael Jordan's great career.