• The Rockets finally broke up with Motiejūnas

The Houston Rockets have withdrawn their recent offer to the restricted free agent, Lithuanian power forward Motiejūna.

The Rockets' renewed negotiations with Motiejūna lasted through the summer and were deadlocked. Earlier reports said the Rockets recently to Motiejūna a quotation is 7 million to 8 million annual salary of the multi-year contract, but the Mo Thai did not accept.

Mark - Stein said on Twitter, the Rockets have been hoping to November 23 local time to reach a contract with Motiejūna, but today it seems that hope is almost gone.

It is understood that for those who can trade in the team before the deadline to deal with the player to go, today is the signing deadline. However, according to Stein revealed that the Rockets have withdrawn before the offer to Motiejūna.

Next, even if Motiejūna chose to play in the overseas league, he was still the Rockets restricted free agent, and other cap space team can still offer the Motiejūna offer contract.

The Rockets can retain Motiejūna's restricted free agent contract right until the end of the season unless Motiejūna signs a contract with another team and the Rockets refuse to match.

In fact, the Rockets last season, almost to Motiejūna trading to the Pistons, but because Motiejūna did not pass the physical examination, the Pistons canceled the deal.

Motiejūna, who broke out in the 2014-15 season, did not play well last season, scoring only 37 games, averaging 6.2 points and 2.9 rebounds while shooting 43.9 percent from his career.

According to rocket reporter Kelvin - Watkins reported that local time yesterday is the Rockets to Motiejūna set a signing deadline. When Motiejūna decided not to accept the Rockets offer, the Rockets told the Lithuanian power forward, his value will continue to decrease.

This season, Sam Dekker and Monterrey-Harel's outstanding performance obviously affected the value of Motiejūna, which makes the Rockets in the negotiations with Motiejūna adhere to a tough stance.