• Harden 37 points 1 point victory over the Celtics rockets

Rockets in trouble at home, finally to 107-106 victory over the Celtics. Rocket (14-7) three-game winning streak. James - Harden scored 37 points, eight assists and eight rebounds, he also mistakes 10 times. Trevor - Trevor Ariza 15 points and eight rebounds, Clint - Capella 11 points and nine rebounds, Patrick - Beverly 9 points. Off the bench Eric - Gordon three-pointers 9 of 9, scored 19 points. The Rockets shot 3-pointers in 12 of 38 shots.

The Celtics (12-9) ended in a two-game winning streak. Al Horford scored 21 points, nine assists and six rebounds, Isiah - Thomas 20 points, Avery - Bradley 16 points and 10 rebounds, Jay - Claude 12 points. Off the bench Marcus - Smart 13 points. The Celtics made 3-for-11 shooting.

Under D'Antoni, the Rockets became the league's first offensive team. An average of 111.3 points per game, ranking first in the league; every 100 times the ball was 113.8 points, so the efficiency of the league ranked third. In a row of 5 away games, the average is cut down 121.6 points per game.

The Rockets are the league's most third-team, hitting the most, more than the Warriors. They have hit 19 consecutive games in more than 10 of the third, the continuation of NBA records. Today, this record is also continuing, has reached 20 games.

Violent assault to cover up their defensive deficiencies. The previous two games, they first two overtime struggling to defeat the Warriors, and then back to back in the plateau home victory over the Nuggets.

The game is full of suspense, placid. , The Celtics in the whistle 16.2 seconds to get two free throws. Smart hit two free throws, the Celtics strong basket. Thomas breakthrough layup, but in the scraping, Harden ball hit the sector, the Celtics are still 5 seconds of attack time.


Horford last layup, the ball almost hit. Harden grabbed the rebound, rocket adventure.