• Thompson break the history,drop a new 2kMoment card

The Warriors klay thompson just dropped 60 points, 2k have dropped a new 2KMoment card

Golden State Warriors vs. Indiana Pacers, Warriors starting shooting guard Craig - Thompson played 29 minutes in the first three quarters, 21 of 33 shots, 8 of 14 shooting three free throws, 11 penalty 10, cut his personal career The highest 60 points.

Today, the Warriors vs. Pacers, Tang God from the beginning of the game quickly into the state. The first section, he was 8 of 12 shots, scored 17 points. But the strange thing is that the soup gods in the first quarter 2-for-1 shooting, that is, his other seven goals are from within the three-point line, of which five are layup or dumped.
Section II, the state of the soup God getting better and better, especially the three-point feel to open. This section was only half the time, when the soup in the right corner of God at the bottom corner of a difficult turn three-point shot after the turn, he has been under the H-30 points.

The second half, the soup god is still irresistible, and his teammates are very happy to help him create a record. In the third quarter, Tang God alone scored 20 points, the field personal score reached 60 points.

60 points is the highest single-game scoring since the start of the season, and the only time a single field to 60 points. In addition, 60 points is Craig - Thompson's personal career high, he also became the Warriors history of the first four single-game 60 points players.