• Curry career beyond the Nash

Golden State Warriors away Minnesota Timberwolves, the third quarter and 6 and a half minutes, Curry hit a personal field of the first three-pointers, which makes his career three-point shot more than Steve - Nash, and alone in the history of seventeenth.

Curry has been recognized as the NBA's best three-point shooter. Last season, he was in the regular season dropped into the 402 three-pointers, creating a may only his own to break the NBA record.

As of now, Curry has hit a career in the 1685 three-pointers, and two regular season MVP Steve - Nash side by side in the history of 17th.

Today's game the first half, Curry offensive state is not good, did not drop into the three-pointers. Until the third quarter to 6 and a half minutes left, the library in the left 45-degree angle hit a catch direct shot of the third. As a result, Curry's career hit more than a third of Nash. Curry only 520 games, while Nash is using 1217 games.

Prior to this, Curry has been used by the outside world compared to Nash, because they are one on the shooting ability of a very good player.

Since Nash retired, he accepted the Warriors invitation and served as the team's player development consultant, mainly responsible for training the Warriors guard, including Curry. I believe that the library from Nash's body also learned a lot of things.

This season, Curry's three-point shot does not look like last season so crazy, and he even more than once in the game without three-pointers for Houston.

But so far, Curry this season has dropped into the 92 three-pointers, still ranked first in the league.

Career three-point shot over Nash, Curry's next goal will be Dirk - Dirk Nowitzki (1707 three-pointers).