• Bogut will join the knight

According to the "thescore" report, will become the free agent of the former warrior champion center Andrew - Bogut, causing the league multi-team scramble. But now he has made up his mind, once the 76 people to buy out, he will join the defending champion Cleveland Cavaliers.

Prior to this, there were five teams, including knights, rockets and spurs, who had contacted Bogut's brokerage team and wanted to sign him after Bogut's contract was bought out. But Bogut's own hope is to compete for the championship, in an experienced team plays an important role.

Knight in the east has unparalleled strength, and relatively speaking, Knight's inside vacancies larger, there is more room for him to play their role. His former teammate Deron announced the day before will join the knight, which may also be his final decision to join the knight of an important reason.

Although the 32-year-old Australian veteran suffered the injury this season, only for the Dallas Mavericks debut 26 times, averaging only 22 minutes can get 3 points, 8.3 rebounds and 1.9 assists. But his height, frame ability and organizational skills can be a great help for the defending champion.