• Warriors ended losing streak

Golden State Warriors beat the New York Knicks 112-105 away. Warriors Stephen - Curry got the highest 31 points, plus eight rebounds and six assists, Cray - Thompson scored 29 points; the Knicks, Derek - Rose got the team's highest 28 points, Boer Tsinz scored 24 points and 15 rebounds, Anthony scored only 15 points.
Before arriving at the Madison Square Garden Arena in New York, the Warriors had a two-game losing streak, and they needed a victory to boost morale. But after the start of the game, the Warriors and the Knicks attack is not very ideal, relatively speaking, the Warriors earlier into the state, with Green and Thompson hit a third, the Warriors played a wave of 8-2. Middle, warriors and the Knicks were labeled 10-4. In the case of Stephen - Curry did not find the feeling of the case, the Warriors in the first section of the attack mainly by the soup god support, he scored 14 points in this section. Until the first section of the final stage, the library was slowly back to feel, he was through the break and free throws with 4 points. Knicks here is the main score points Derek - Ross, his breakthrough is very lethal.


The end of the first section, the Warriors lead to 29-18. After the start of the second quarter, the Warriors attack suddenly misfiring, and the Knicks is gradually growing up, wave of God led the role of players play a wave of offensive climax, especially the wave of God, he suddenly in this section, This section left 6 minutes, the Knicks will chase into the score 3-3 level. The second quarter left more than 5 minutes, the library finally dropped into the field of the first three-pointers, after the Warriors bench Iguodala even in the two three-pointers, making the Warriors to 40-36 Leading. But the Knicks are still Ross and the wave of God's basket offensive continue to chase points. This section 2 minutes left, wave God big hat soup God layup, followed by Kurtney - Lee hit third, the Knicks overtake 2 points.

The second quarter 1 minute left, Curry again hit the third quarter to lead the warriors to 47-46 lead, but the wave of God in the last 1 second from the jumper to help the Knicks on the 50-49 lead into the second half. After the start of the second half, the two teams are gradually recovering the state of attack, Carmelo - Anthony first hit a third, the library immediately followed by a. Anthony has clearly entered the state in the third quarter, and hit three more times. The first half of the third quarter, the two teams bite very tight score But in the second half of this section, with the sudden outbreak of the library, the Warriors gradually opened the points difference, and in this section hit a wave of 35-26.

After the start of the fourth quarter, under the leadership of Tang God (three points) and Green (breakthrough 2 + 1), the Warriors resisted the pressure and maintained the lead. But the Knicks offensive momentum is also very fierce, the role of players Baker and Holly Di have contributed to the offensive end. 8 minutes and 15 seconds left in this section, Ross's mid-range emergency jumper to help the Knicks will be narrowed down to 9 points difference. After that, Anthony 2 penalty in the whole. During that time, the Knicks played a wave of 10-1 offensive climax, and in this section left 6 minutes to catch only 4 points behind. The fourth quarter left 5 minutes and 56 seconds, wave of God hit the third, the Knicks only 1 minute behind, but the soup god then also a third. 4 minutes 05 seconds left, Ross fast break break into 2 +1, the two sides only 3 points. Unfortunately, the Knicks in the last few minutes a continuous key mistakes, and the defensive end can not stop the Warriors score. Eventually, the Knicks lost at home to 105-112.