• 7 people on the double Nuggets to defend home

Knight failed to capture the plateau home to 113-126 loss to the Nuggets. Nuggets ended two-game losing streak, maintaining the eighth place in the west. Gary Harris scored 21 points, Will Barton 20 points, Wilson Chandler 18 points, Kenneth Ferry Ede 17 points and nine rebounds, Nicola-Jocchi 16 points, 10 Rebounds and 7 assists, Jamal - Murray 15 points, Mason - Plumley 12 points and seven rebounds. Knight still ranks first in the East, but only one field advantage. Kerry - Owen played 27 minutes, scored 33 points, LeBron - James 18 points, Kevin - Loew 9 points and 7 rebounds, Kyle - Kewoor comeback, hit 3 in mind three points. Knight three-pointers 37 vote 15, the Nuggets 26 vote 11.

Both teams have the best reason to go. Knight Habitat east of the first, but only the second leading Celtics 2 games, the rest of the game still dare not careless. Nuggets in the western eighth, but only the first nine pioneers 1 field, the situation is critical. Nuggets sitting on home benefits, but by the impact of injury, after two consecutive defeat to the rocket. Gallinari, Chandler and Arthur are injured in the body, so the first two comeback today. On a knight too much effect, even by the Lakers forced to ruin, and finally in the fourth quarter after the double-digit situation comeback. "Big Three" scored a total of 101 points, of which Owen had 46 points, James 32 points. Knight today did not careless, but in the attack fell in the wind, the first half and behind the double digits, this time, they can not climb out of their own digging the pit.

Loew shortly after the opening hit two points, knight before the three sports warfare scores are from the three points outside the line. The first section hit nearly half, the Cavaliers to 12-10 lead, but this turned out to be the last time the audience. Nelson also to three points, Chandler shot, Nuggets go-ahead. Knight was equalized, Deron - Williams and Korver in the last 34 seconds of the vote in a record three points, they are 31-34 behind. Williams in the second quarter and hit the third point, the score equalizer, but Barton also to three points, Nuggets continue to hit outside, and gradually opened the gap. Murray in 1 minute and 11 seconds to vote in three consecutive three points, this section there are 7 minutes and 31 seconds, the Nuggets to 50-40 lead double digits. Knight outside the defensive loopholes, this section was the Nuggets hit 7 in mind three points. Nuggets scored 39 points to 73-59 end of the first half. Owen twice hit three points, one person played 8-2, in the middle of the third section, Knight only 74-84 behind. James also force, this section there are 5 minutes and 39 seconds, his air relay dunks, knight only 81-86 behind. But after 4 minutes, the Cavaliers only hit a ball, the Nuggets played a wave of 15-3, in this section there are 2 minutes 19 seconds to 101-84 to expand the advantage. Although the Nuggets failed to score in this section, the first three sections are still 101-90 lead.

Knight's defense is powerless. Nuggets scored 6 points to start the fourth quarter, in turn opened the gap. This section will be more than half of the time, Farriet tipped, the Nuggets to 116-97 lead 19 points. Knight had to give up, this section did not send James and Owen play. The rest of the time, they can only slightly narrow the gap.