• Warriors announced KD injury did not appear repeated

Warriors all-star small forward Kevin - Durant today in San Antonio received a left knee test, the results show that his injury did not appear repeated. Subsequently, the Warriors issued a statement, said Durant will be 7-10 days later to accept the inspection, and hope he can come back before the end of the regular season.

"Kevin's injury has been a big improvement since he was injured in Washington's left knee four weeks ago," the Warriors said in a statement. "So far, his injury has not been repeated, and the recovery is expected Now, he has participated in the training without confrontation, including shooting, running and bouncing.Our plan is to increase his training volume in the next few days, which will include the need for explosive power of the empty cut and horizontal movement. When to attend the training will depend on his performance in the above training, and his return to the regular season before the end is still possible.

This is the first statement since Warren's injury to his injury since Durant's injury, but it is clear that Durant has made a lot of improvement in the past month, and only from the start Walking with a crutch to have recently been able to complete the dunk in the training, or even use the injured left knee force to take off.

The Warriors said Durant would accept the left knee again after 7-10 days and did not rule out the possibility of coming back before the regular season.

According to the famous NBA reporter Mark - Stein said on Twitter, as long as Durant continue to recover so much, his most likely comeback time is the Warriors in the regular season of the last three games.