• Knight lost to the bull

Knight away to 93-99 loss to the Bulls, this season was swept. Bulls behind the eighth of the Pacers 1 field, there are still hope of qualifying. Nicholas - Milottić scored 28 points and 10 rebounds, Jimmy - Butler 25 points, 6 rebounds and 5 assists, Denzel - Valentine 12 points, Robin - Lopez 10 points 11 Rebounds, Rajon - Rondo 7 points, 15 assists and 9 rebounds. Knight three-game losing streak, brutally swept, they also fell from the first position in the east. LeBron - James 26 points, 10 rebounds and 8 assists, Kerry - Irving 20 points, Tristan - Thompson 15 points and nine rebounds, JR - Smith 12 points.

Knight lost to the bull

Knight coach Taylor - Lu has made it clear, the rest of the game, they will let some of the main rest, even if the first is also at the expense of the East. But it's time to finish the bull. After three encounters, knights have lost to the bull, they do not want to be swept. So this game, Tyler - Lu or let James and other major players will play. Bulls hit the critical moment in the playoffs, but with Wade's season reimbursement, they played the best, nearly 10 games lost six games. They also fell to the east ninth, the prospects for the playoffs worrying. But the Bulls play knights but quite experience, after three encounters have won. Today and then pass, four swept knight, also continued a line of vitality. Bulls opened smoothly, playing a wave of 11-4. Knight in the first 3 minutes only hit a ball, this section there are 8 minutes and 33 seconds, Smith hit the third, they gradually into the state. In the middle of this section, Smith once again succeeded, and James break layup, Knight to 16-14 lead. This section is 16.6 seconds, the Owen hit three points, the knight scored 6 points to 28-22 lead.

The second knight was once the 34-24 lead double-digit lead, but this is the biggest gap in the first half. Bulls tenacious counterattack, this section there are 6 minutes and 46 seconds, Butler hit three points, they only 34-38 behind. James also with a record three points, knight to stay ahead. He also hit a note buzzer, knight to 50-41 end of the first half. Knight third quarter and double the number of advantages, but their defense problems, the Bulls inside and outside the flowering, quickly out of the score. This section last 2 minutes and 18 seconds, the Bulls hit 3 three-pointers, they have 37 points in this section, after the three to 78-71 lead.

Knight scored 5 points in the fourth quarter, the gap narrowed to 2 points. But then they did not shoot in a row, the Bulls seize the opportunity, Butler continuous shooting, this section there are 6 minutes and 48 seconds when he fought back, the Bulls to 88-78 made double-digit advantage. Knight is swept the edge, as the defending champion, and the opponent is the team outside the playoffs, which makes the knight feel unacceptable. The last few minutes, the Cavaliers to strengthen the defense, but in the attack still can not have a good performance.

James three free throws only once, finally by Smith hit a record three points, the score chase into the 86-92, but Lopez immediately strong play basket success, Butler two free throws, the Bulls in the game there 2 minutes and 41 seconds to 95-86 lead. Knight once narrowed the gap to 5 points, but James key three points, they had to give up, in the game there are 24 seconds to remove James and others. The Bulls after the safe free throw hit, to seal the victory. If the Bulls finally reached the playoffs, it is likely to encounter the first round of knights. Regular season swept, the Bulls, the psychological will have overwhelming advantage.