• Rocket swept the Nuggets
Rockets at home to 110-104 repel the Nuggets, so that the latter part of the playoffs more difficult to go. Rocket) two straight, 4 games this season, swept the Nuggets. James Harden scored 31 points, 10 assists and 7 rebounds, inside - Hillaryo 16 points, Clint - Capella 15 points and 11 rebounds, Trevor - Trevor Ariza 15 points 10 Rebounds, Patrick - Beverly 9 points and 11 rebounds. Rocket three-pointers 34 vote 10. Nuggets two straight end, behind the eighth pioneer 1 field. Daniela Gallina scored 23 points, Gary Harris 17 points, Wilson Chandler 16 points and five rebounds, Nicola-Jokic 12 points, 19 rebounds, 9 assists and 5 Steals. Nuggets three-pointers 38 vote only 7. Rockets sit tight Diaoyutai, the rest of the game, regardless of winning or losing, they are the third in the West, will not rise, it will not decline.

In this case, the Rockets began to make plans for the playoffs, on a Harden and Trevor Ariza to rest. They come back today. The Nuggets will have to fight the final. As the pioneers back to back even lose two games, the Nuggets narrowed the gap to 0.5 games.

However, the Nuggets have no draw for the Blazers advantage, that is, the Nuggets than the Trail Blazers to win more than a qualifying. The two sides are actually 1.5 field gap. Today, once again lost, the gap between the two teams for a field, in fact, it is two. Nuggets only four games, to catch up with this gap, not only to their own victory, but also expect the Blazers lose.

The two teams score one of the best in the league, but today outside the shooting rate is not high, failed to staged a rivalry. Rockets first section of the performance of good, three-pointers 9 vote 5, while the Nuggets for 10 vote 3. The first section of the last 2 minutes, the Nuggets only hit a ball, the Rockets played 10-2, in one fell swoop to 36-25 opened the gap. Section II rocket lost feel, this section three-pointers 7 vote total loss, and the Nuggets only 8 vote 2. This section there are 2 minutes 08 seconds, the rocket to 57-45 lead, but after 2 minutes did not score. Nuggets also failed to seize the opportunity, during which only hit a ball. Harden hit a note buzzer, the first half of the rocket to 59-50 lead.

The second half of the two teams continue to frequent outside shot, but the hit rate is not high Nuggets once overtake, in the third quarter there are 4 minutes and 42 seconds, Harris tipped, the Nuggets to 73-71 lead. The two sides alternately lead several times, but this section last 3 minutes 21 seconds Nuggets only hit a ball, the Rockets played 9-2, to 85-79 to maintain the advantage. Nuggets were forced to ruin, the last section more frantically counterattack. Half of this section, Harris shot, they only 93-95 behind. The two teams in this section before the first three times failed to hit. There are 56.4 seconds of the game, Harden finally succeeded three points, then Nuggets mistakes, Harden two free throws, the Rockets to 107-101 to expand the advantage. After the rocket foul no penalty, Gallinari penalty after a ball, the Nuggets still have the ball, but unfortunately he was not in the third. Harden is two free throws, but the rocket has control of the situation, the Nuggets unable to return to heaven.