• Rockets four-game losing streak


The Rockets lost to Mavericks 108-128 at home, mavericks three-game winning streak, Luca East Cicchi scored 20 points and 6 rebounds, Harrison Barnes 13 points, DeAndre Jordan 11 points and 7 rebounds Dennis Smith scored 10 points. Devin Harris, who came off the bench, made 5 of 6 shots and scored 20 points.The Rockets lost four straight. James Harden hit a triple-double, scored 25 points, 17 assists, 11 rebounds and 6 steals, Clint Capella 18 points and 8 rebounds, James Ennis 18 points, Eric Gordon 17 points.

The situation in the west is very varied. After the Rockets lost a few games, the ranking is already the third last, and after the Lone Ranger won today's victory, he has entered the playoffs.

The 2 minutes before the start of the Rockets went smoothly. Tucker hit a three-pointer, Harden scored a pass, they started with 7-0. The lone ranger immediately counterattacked, East Cickey also scored three points, then hit a mid-range shot, one person scored 5 points, the lone ranger played a wave of 9-1, after 11-10 lead. Mavericks has a very high percentage of hits and is also dominant on the backboard. They lead 36-28 after the first quarter.

In the second quarter, mavericks opened the gap. In this quarter, with 3 minutes and 58 seconds, Dennis Smith hit a three-pointer. They led by 64-46 with 18 points. Gordon also scored three points. Ennis also made a long shot and the Rockets stopped the game and chased the score 54-66. Dongcic also led the Lone Ranger to open the gap. The last attack in this section was only 5.3 seconds, but the East Cickey was still very calm. After driving the ball away from the three-point line, he shot a three-pointer with a far-off buzzer. mavericks Leading with 74-56. In the third quarter, mavericks extended the advantage to more than 20 points. The Rockets had to give up and removed all the main forces in the game with 7 minutes. Harris poured oil on the fire, and then hit a three-pointer for the lone ranger, completely defeating the rocket.