• Spurs win the Blazers

The Spurs beat the Blazers 131-118 at home, the Spurs stopped the two-game losing streak, and the Blazers suffered a two-game losing streak. The six Spurs scored in double figures. DeRozan scored 36 points, 8 rebounds and 6 assists, scoring a season-high, including 26 points in the second half. Lillard scored 37 points and 10 assists in vain.

Spurs: Aldridge 29 points, Gay 18 points, Bertins 10 points, Mills 15 points, Derrick White #10 points. Trail Blazers: 24 points for McLean, 20 points for Aminu and 16 points for Nurkic.


Before the game, the Spurs suffered a two-game losing streak, losing a total of 70 points in two games. The campaign started, and the first 13 points after the start of the Trail Blazers by McLean and Lillard, the Blazers started to grab the position. Aldridge and Gay led the team to counterattack, and the Spurs achieved a go-ahead. The match was in a state of being held, and the two teams led the way. At the end of the first quarter, the Blazers led the Spurs by 33 points.

In the fourth quarter, Aldridge and DeRozan joined forces to control the situation. Aldridge took the slam dunk and DeRozan turned and hit the jumper. The Spurs extended the lead to 10 points to stop the Blazers. After the suspension, DeRozan continued the fierce attack in the second half, and then scored two more shots. Gay and Mills scored three points, and the Spurs extended the difference to 16 points. The Blazers counterattack narrowed the gap to 8 points. Dero sponsored a three-pointer in the attack. The Spurs led 11 points in 45.7 seconds before the game. The Blazers were unable to return to the sky. The Spurs steadily beat the home.