• Rockets sign Austin Rivers

Rockets general manager Morey today officially announced that the Rockets have signed point guard Austin Rivers, he will be in the Christmas game with the Thunder tomorrow.

Not long ago, Austin Rivers was traded to the Suns by the Wizards, and he was subsequently cut by the Suns. Because the Rockets starting point guard Chris Paul was at least two weeks off due to a secondary strain on his left hamstring, the Rockets quickly signed Austin Rivers.

After joining the Rockets, Austin Rivers will wear the No. 25 jersey, he will be the first show after joining the Rockets in the Christmas match between the Rockets and the Thunder tomorrow.

After signing with the Rockets, Austin Rivers accepted an interview with the media today. When asked about rumors that he and Paul had a disagreement, Austin Rivers said that if he and Paul had a disagreement, he would not join the Rockets. He also revealed that he and Paul were training together during the offseason this year. Over.

Speaking of the history of the battle with the Rockets, Austin Rivers said: "If we go to Los Angeles to play away, I know all the channels with CP. It's very interesting. I always appreciate the Rockets and hope for the Rockets. Effectiveness, especially D'Antoni's tactical system."