• Timberwolves officially dismissed Thibodeau

Timberwolves officially dismissed Thibodeau

According to NBA well-known journalist Charania, the Timberwolves have officially fired the team's chief operating officer and head coach Thibodeau. The former meritorious coach once again lost his job. Then Wo Shen also updated Twitter to release this news, and the Timberwolves officially announced the dismissal of Thibodeau.

Before Sibodu was fired for five seasons after the Bulls coached, now three years after the Timberwolves coached, he suffered the fate of being laid off again.

ESPN reporter Werner Roskey revealed that after the Timberwolves defeated the Lakers, Timberwolves CEO Carson and general manager Ryden walked into Thibodeau's office to inform him that he had been fired by the team. Thibodeau was surprised by this and didn't understand why the team was so anxious to dismiss him. It is reported that Carson has not been a supporter of Thibodeau.

Lean Sanders will become the temporary coach of the Timberwolves. Lean Sanders is the son of the late faculty Philippe Sanders and a rising star in the coaching world. Although he is now a temporary coach, he has enough time to change his identity. His father, Philip Sanders, also coached the Timberwolves, a teacher of the famous Garnett.