• 2K Sports and NBA Partner Up For Huge Multi-Year Deal Worth $1.1 Billion
2K Sports and NBA Partner Up For Huge Multi-Year Deal Worth $1.1 Billion

Despite some issues about how the microtransactions play a component within the series, the NBA 2K franchise has nonetheless performed extremely well, selling millions of copies and becoming a household favourite with athletes and fans alike. So it should be no surprise then that 2K as well as the NBA will retain their partnership going.
The groups, alongside the NBPA (National Basketball Players Association) have announced that they will continue to perform collectively by way of the next seven years, in a deal that is reportedly worth an estimated $1.1 billion. That’s easily one of several largest we’ve ever seen in relation to a sports franchise, or any provided franchise for that matter.

NBA 2K has performed fairly nicely over the years, promoting more than 86 million copies across the board due to the fact its initial start off way back inside the Dreamcast days. NBA 2K19 has continued to be a peak performer for the publisher, carrying out nicely on all platforms, such as the Nintendo Switch.

2K is thrilled together with the deal and believes it’ll be useful for all parties inside the years to come. Strauss Zelnick, who serves as chairman and CEO for Take-Two (who owns 2K), noted, “The NBA has been an outstanding companion all through the history in the NBA 2K franchise, contributing considerably to its unparalleled achievement and also the ability to grow its audience around the world across a myriad of platforms and offerings. We’re thrilled to become in organization with Adam and the entire group at the NBA, and enter into the longest-ever partnership extension between our organizations. Collectively, we’re confident that we'll continue to discover new and revolutionary solutions to captivate and engage basketball fans, and expand further the accomplishment in the NBA 2K brand.”

There’s a good likelihood that, because of the landmark deal, the forthcoming NBA 2K20 could possibly be on the list of biggest within the series to date, though it’s unknown just what the publisher has planned for it just but, since it is still riding higher on the success of NBA 2K19.

Along with the classic NBA 2K games, the deal also covers the NBA 2K On line titles that are performing pretty nicely overseas. No word yet if it covers Saber Interactive’s recently released NBA 2K Playgrounds 2, but we don’t see why it wouldn’t.