• NBA All-Star launch

The NBA officially announced the starting list of the 2019 Charlotte All-Star Game. The Eastern Conference started with Adetokounmpo, Leonard, Embiid, Irving, and Kemba Walker. The West started with James, Durant, Paul George, Curry, and Harden. James ranked first with 4,620,809 votes in the vote of the fans, and became the ticket king for the sixth time, and became the governor of the West and East respectively with Adetokounmpo. Harden, who ranked third in the Western Conference of Fans, reversed Ross with the media and player votes to enter the All-Star start.

LeBron James became one of the All-Star captains for the second year in a row. He and Curry and Durant led the West, and the letter brother and Embiid led the East.

All-star starting players are selected by fans, media and players. Fans vote 50%, while media and players vote 25% each.

This year's All-Star team captains are James and the alphabet brother, and James is the All-Star captain for the second consecutive year.

According to the rules of the All-Star Game that began last year, James and the letter brother will become two captains and can choose their respective lineups.