• 2K added King James and Scottie Pippen Diamond Card as 20 Anniversay in MyTeam

NBA 2K19 MyTeam teased some thing significant was coming on Friday. That was none aside from the 20th Anniversary LeBron James packs. MyTeam unveiled the newest content in a video to show off their in-game packs promotion. It contains multiple appears at LeBron on his many teams inside the game, also as a look at the other fantastic cards in these packs.

The two hottest new cards are Pink Diamond cards for LeBron James and former Chicago Bulls star Scottie Pippen. Each of these are 97-rated cards making them the best finds inside the packs. Nonetheless, there are actually also other player cards to appear for such as a sweet Kawhi Leonard card at 95. That‘’s correct, Damon Jones and Anderson Varejao are part of the packs also.

Tips on how to get the LeBron James, Scottie Pippen Pink Diamond

Getting that LeBron James seems straightforward, but it‘’s pricey. It includes heading to NBA 2K19 MyTeam along with the Pack Industry. From the game menu, make use of the R1/R2 button around the controller to move more than to MyTEAM choice. Soon after connecting to MyTeam, continue to the Pack Market place.

Gamers can view the latest obtainable in-game packs promotions there. That may contain the new 20th Anniversary LeBron James packs. They expense either Virtual Currency or MyTokens. Here's the breakdown for the three distinctive bargains:


  1. 1 Pack (5 cards total) 7,500 VC or 10,500 MT
  2. 10Packs (50 cards total) 67,500 VC
  3. 20 Packs (100 cards total) 135,000 VC

Every single pack may have a single player and four items inside. That provides a chance at pulling the Pink Diamond LeBron James or the Scottie Pippen because the player inside. In the event the screen under pops up right after you flipped a card for a player within the 20th Anniversary Pack, you‘’ll know you've scored the LeBron PD. Congratulations!
Not surprisingly, the Pink Diamond isn‘’t a card they give away usually in these packs, so it might take buying greater than some packs. Make certain to increase your Virtual Currency in NBA 2K19 so you can pick up extra on the packs.