• NBA 2k19 Patch Notes: 2K Removes Pushing From Neighborhood At last

For weeks now, we‘ve been hearing how the NBA planned to take away pushing from the neighborhood, PARK play. 2K had requested the patch for approval to possess pushing removed. The news has come out in the form of am approval, and now the update has ultimately gone live. This was confirmed by the official NBA 2K Twitter account on Tuesday.

Pushing was probably the most irking issues in the NBA. It was a head-scratching inclusion as outlined by quite a few, inside the game. 2K should be appreciated for making a multi-layered experience in their basketball game except for this move. It marked also massive of a departure from true basketball encounter.

The patch also described an update for the MyLeague mode, nevertheless it does not address the problematic MyLeague On the internet feature. This function has been wrecked by poor server performance because its launch. This was a bug fix resolve a hang that would take place when customers attempted to advance past March 20th around the in-game calendar during the usage from the Commence Nowadays feature.

The most recent patch hit to come out was added in the month of June 2019 and it was a minor one. It fixed specific stability troubles and widget to pre-order NBA 2K19. Now that NBA 2K20 is slated to release inside a couple of months, we are not certain how a lot of patches we’ll see. The improvement team is in the swing of things, neck-deep in preparations for 2K20.