• NBA2K League players have clashes after the game


The NBA is about to usher in the playoffs. Today, the NBA2k league is also starting, but in one game, the two players have a conflict.

In a game between the Hawks' 2k team and the Celtics' 2k team, the two sides ended and the Hawks won 68-58 and entered the player's handshake stage.

The two players shaking hands in the first group of the two sides had a conflict. The Celtics thought that the opponent deliberately hit the shoulder with his shoulder and directly pushed back the opponent.This caused a conflict at the scene, and the staff quickly stopped to stop, which prevented the further expansion of the situation.

Unlike the NBA, because of the e-sports, the two sides do not have positive physical contact during the game. Only the handshake will lead to physical contact. I don't know how the NBA2k league will be punished for this incident. Will it be fined like the NBA?