• Kawhi Leonard and CJ McCollum help groups advance in Game 7 wins

kawhi moment card


In our Blazers versus Pieces 2K19 reproduction, we had Denver asserting the Game 7 by a nearby edge. Be that as it may, it was the other path around on Sunday as Portland guaranteed the 100-96 triumph gratitude to Mr. McCollum. He shot 17-for-29 from the field on multi day when All-Star Damian Lillard was shooting ineffectively. CJ completed with 37 points, 9 bounce back, and after that one each for takes, squares, and helps. 

The second amusement was among the most exciting of the NBA Playoffs. It came directly last minute with the score gridlocked at 90-90 in Toronto. After a break, the ball went to the Raptors' Kawhi Leonard who shot it from the side corner close to the seat. His shot would ricochet on the edge multiple times before falling through the net to give his group a 92-90 win in Game 7. That topped off a great detail line of 41 points, eight bounce back, three helps, and three squares. 

These cards are accessible through the NBA 2K19 Pack Market in Playoffs Moments Packs until this Friday (May 17) at 5 a.m. Pacific Time. Packs begin at 6,500 Virtual Currency or 9,500 MT for a pack of five cards. That just gives an opportunity at landing one of the cards, however. Notwithstanding McCollum and Leonard, the Blazers' Rodney Hood has a Ruby card in packs with a 89 in general rating. 


Likewise, gamers can make a beeline for the Auction House to attempt to offer or "purchase now" for these cards. Be that as it may, costs will be up there. An ongoing McCollum finished at 269,500 MT, while the Kawhi card is bringing at least 800,000!

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